Session: Creating And Utilising Space

A session ran with an adult eleven a side team on Creating And Exploiting Space In A Small Sided Game.

Key Factors:
– Create space: full backs spread out to use whole width of pitch, front players pushed high, midfield players lateral movement and push high to give defenders space, deep to give front players space.
– Passing: quality, accuracy, feet or space?
– Support: angles, distances.
– Runs Off ball: timing, where?

– In possession, defenders to spread wide and push higher, defenders in triangular shape.
– Midfield players movement to create space for balls to strikers feet.
– Players look to receive ball to feet to attempt to pin marking player, creating opening.
– Strikers distance must be close to affect each other’s play, pushed as high as possible.
– Striker’s runs: drop short, diagonal, spin out, split. Check understanding between pair.
– Midfield running beyond defensive line if space left, sit deep in space if defence drops.

Set Up
– 332 Formations.
– 70×50 Area.


Drawn using: The Master Tactician

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Enthusiastic, aspiring football coach.
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