Session: Working with two strikers to create shooting opportunities in a functional practice

A session recently ran with my eleven a side team on creating shooting opportunities with two strikers in a functional practice

Key Factors
– Movement To Receive
– Receiving Position: Side On? Back To Goal?
– Pass Selection/Quality
– First Touch
– Second Striker’s Movement And Communication
– Finishing Quality
– Rebounds
– Create Early Sooting Opportunity
– Midfield Support

– Checking the movement of strikers: crossovers? Short/long?
– Observe defenders position, exploit space
– Midfield support possibly into shooting position
– Second player big role on rebounds
– Spin defenders, round corner
– Dropping off:Passes into feet, On shoulder: pass in behind

Set Up
– 2 target players for defence to attempts to clear to
– 1 server for attacking team
– 3 v 2 in midfield
– 2 v 2 strikers and centre backs
– 1 GK


Drawn using: The Master Tactician

About markfc713

Enthusiastic, aspiring football coach.
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