Session: Coach A Team To Improve Flank Play In A Functional Practice

A session recently ran with my eleven a side team on coaching a team to improve flank play in a functional practice.

Key Factors:
– Position Of Wide Player
– Full Back Support
– Crossing Opportunities
– Support Infield
– Exploit Space
– Movement Of Attacking Players To Create/Exploit Space

– Can wide midfielder move infield to create space for full back to overlap?
– Quality/timing of delivery
– Third man run possibility from full back
– Movement of strikers: deep, shoulder, run across line
– Midfielder(s) support
– 1v1 situations: positive, innovative
– Create space as a team

– Cone off corner area of pitch as illustrated
– 3-3-1 on both teams, one feeder on attacking team to initiate play, one goalkeeper on defending team
– Defending team look to counter and score through small cones


Drawn using The Master Tactician


About markfc713

Enthusiastic, aspiring football coach.
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