About Me

I’m an aspiring part time football coach working with adult & youth teams in the grassroots game currently taking my UEFA B licence and having achieved the FA Youth Module 2.

The intention of this blog is to share ideas with anyone who’s interested in its content whatever their involvement in football. Hopefully it will act as a resource where anyone can access pieces of information that they find useful, all in one place.

I aim to update it regularly and share my own views in addition to those of others (sharing is not necessarily an endorsement).

If you’d like to contact me my twitter details are to the right of the page.


UEFA B (Working towards)
FA Youth Module 2
FA Youth Module 1
FA Level 2
FA Level 1
FA Emergency Aid
FA Child Protection Workshop
Member of FA Licensed Coaches Club

BA Modern Language Studies (Spanish & French)

I believe firmly in the principles of allowing youth players to explore the game, identify their own solutions to problems and allow the challenges of the game become the teacher. Let’s allow great decision makers to develop as a result of our guidance.

In the adult game, I like teams who can transcend between positions effortlessly in order to maintain their organisation & shape. Using aggressive, fast pressing tactics in an organised defensive unit to win back the ball and subsequently a patient approach to building up and ball circulation to dictate the tempo of the match if penetrative counter attacking opportunities are denied.

Control the ball, control the game.

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